Date published: December 12, 2022

The search for the most outstanding ABEMIS implementing unit was one of the highlights during the Agricultural and Biosystems Management Information System (ABEMIS) FY 2022 Data Assessment. The award aims to  recognize the performance of each DA RFO RAEDs. The Northern Mindanao Region topped the competition with a score of 99.41% and received the ABEMIS 2022 Terabyte Award. The regional team was composed of Engr. Deliza T. Camaro (RAED Chief/Team Leader); Engr. Romil Espanola (RAED-PPMS Chief/Assistant Team Leader); Engr. Grace Yagonia (RAED-PPMS/Member); Engr. Jelly Nalvaja (RAED-PPMS/ABEMIS Staff); Engr. Rosie Eballa (RAED-PPMS/ABEMIS Staff); Engr. Divine Grace Aying (RAED-PPMS/ABEMIS Staff); and Engr. Sobair Grande (RAED-PPMS/ABEMIS Staff).  In her message of support, Engr. Camaro extended their appreciation to the BAFE management for organizing the activity and recognizing the efforts of DA implementing units. She also highlighted the importance of ABEMIS in project planning, implementation, and operation. She also mentioned that DA RFO X is looking forward to sustaining their performance and championship in the succeeding ABEMIS Data Assessments. 


ABEMIS is a BAFE in-house developed web-based information system that serves as the central data repository and a monitoring tool of all agricultural fisheries machinery and infrastructure projects of the DA. This helps accelerate the monitoring of project implementation from proposal, validation, procurement, construction, completion to operation. Acknowledging the efforts of the DA RFOs on the use of ABEMIS as project implementation and monitoring tool, the BAFE sponsored one (1) Computer Laptop (15.6” screen, 1 Terabyte ROM, 4gb RAM) as prize for the most outstanding implementing unit. Likewise, the criteria for the selection includes: a) Completeness and Correctness of Data and Documentary Requirements (60%); b) Completeness of Inventory (20%); and c) Completeness of Targets (2022) encoded in the ABEMIS (20%) with a total accumulating score of 100%.


Other awardees include DA RFO V as 2022 Gigabyte Awardee; Region 11 as 2022 Megabyte Awardee; and DA RFO IV-A as 2022 Kilobyte Awardee. These DA RFOs attained a score of 97.18%, 86.98%, and 85.25%, respectively.



The ABEMIS is soaring high and its contribution to the agriculture sector is already acknowledged by the DA agencies, bureaus, and corporations. Looking back to where it started in 2019 and with the efforts and support from the DA RFOs, ABEMIS became one of the BAFE’s pride. The BAFE ICT Team headed by Engr. Arnel L. Tenorio and Mr. Jimmy L. Caldoza expressed their deepest appreciation to all DA RFOs who played major roles on the accomplishments the system and quoted “For those who have a role in ABEMIS, whether big or small, you are all ABEMIS Champions. Thank you, partners!”. 

(Authors: Jennifer M. Salayon, Arnel L. Tenorio, Jimmy L. Caldoza)