The BAFE logo embodies the continuous vigor in modernization of agriculture through the progressive development in agricultural mechanization and infrastructure.

In the foundation of sustainable and vibrant agriculture and fishery industry in the Philippines, the orange gear with nine pegs symbolizes a sunrise. This represents bright future of Philippine agriculture as driven by the implementation of the nine functions and responsibilities of the Bureau.

A ripple of dynamic energy for change and evolution in farming system as symbolized by the three circles also stands for the three divisions of the BAFE. The cyclical connectivity of the circles signifies the Programs and Projects Management Division (PPMD), Engineering Plans, Designs, and Specifications Division (EPDSD), and Standards Regulation and Enforcement Division (SRED) synergy geared for enhancement of policy, implementation, and regulations of agri-fisheries projects of the Department.

Interventions on agricultural infrastructures in irrigation, farm-to-market roads, production and post-production facilities as symbolize by the graphical black and blue lines signify the development and improvement towards success of our stakeholders.

Below the horizontal line at the center of the logo is 2013, the year when BAFE was established under Republic Act No. 10601 or the Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization Law (AFMech Law).

All of these in one circle that exemplifies balance, stability, and completeness of BAFE as prime bureau of the Department of Agriculture in achieving its mandates.