With a strong dedication to heed President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr.’s call for nationwide engagement, the Department of Agriculture (DA), alongside its affiliated bureaus and agencies, took an important step towards fostering transparency and citizen engagement.


Representatives from the Department of Agriculture and its attached corporations, agencies and bureaus attended the Alignment Meeting for the “Bagong Pilipinas” Town Hall Meetings on Februrary 28, 2024, at the New Executive Building in Malacañang, where the Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Engineering (DA-BAFE) pledged active support.


Senior Undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Cesar B. Chavez facilitated the Alignment Meeting for “Bagong Pilipinas” Town Hall Meetings that served

as a platform for extensive discussions regarding the DA’s role in the Bagong Pilipinas initiative. President Marcos’s directive to Cabinet Secretaries emphasized the importance of showcasing departmental programs and projects during Town Hall Meetings, encouraging citizens to actively contribute to the nation’s development.


Senior Undersecretary Chavez underscored the government’s commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and participatory governance, urging government departments to champion the Bagong Pilipinas vision within their mandates. Operational guidelines were outlined, emphasizing citizen engagement, information dissemination, and public participation, aimed at fostering effective collaboration between the government and the people.


Assistant Secretary Arnel De Mesa highlighted the DA’s significant role as one of the largest bureaucracies, stressing its responsibility in implementing policies crucial for the nation’s agricultural sector. The department’s efforts in fostering food security, rural development, and economic growth are pivotal in achieving the Bagong Pilipinas goals.


The Alignment Meeting holds particular significance for DA-BAFE as it provides a platform to synchronize its activities with the broader objectives outlined by the DA. Serving as a key enabler of agricultural and fisheries development, BAFE aligns with Bagong Pilipinas’ broader goals. Through infrastructure development, expertise promotion, technology enhancement, capacity-building, and collaboration efforts, BAFE contributes to building a better Philippines.


Looking ahead, BAFE is poised to embark on strategic initiatives aimed at furthering the Bagong Pilipinas vision. Strengthening collaboration with relevant stakeholders, enhancing technological capabilities, and intensifying efforts in capacity building and knowledge sharing are among the key strategies to drive agricultural and fisheries development.


In conclusion, the Alignment Meeting exemplifies the government’s commitment to inclusive governance, striving to build a better Philippines under President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr.’s visionary leadership. As BAFE aligns its strategies with the national development agenda, it contributes to the realization of a prosperous and resilient Philippines under the Bagong Pilipinas vision. ###Ralph Angelo T. Ongka, DA-BAFE